Christ Church School, Mumbai

Address:Clare Road, Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400008

Phone: 022 23099892, 23099893

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Christ Church School is an un-aided play-group to ICSE school and junior college. Our community of students, parents and educators endeavor collectively, to support our children.

To develop their full potential in the academic, cultural, social & humanitarian and personal fields within the ambience of a harmonious teaching-learning experience.

Academic Potential: To adhere to best educational practices of an effective and efficient institution, developing a strong knowledge base, and exceptional skills of our students to be rational, creative and to communicate effectively.

Cultural, Social & Humanitarian fields: Based on the christian virtues of peace, love and charity, we work to inculcate in our students a rational and secular outlook, based on equality and justice, feelings of compassion for fellow-beings, and living creatures, respect for the environment and a love for service to society and mankind.

Personal fields: To bring out the best in body, mind and spirit, and work to develop the full potential of each individual, by inculcating values of self-discipline, and respect for others. A host of cultural and sporting co-curricular activities help students become confident, developing a healthy competitive environment, camaraderie and teamwork.

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Updated on: [December 18, 2017]