Excelsior Public School, Batala

Address:Qadian Road, Batala, Punjab-143505

Phone: 7347012095, 7347012096

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Website: www.excelsiorpublicschool.org
General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')

Its an ever changing, supersonic, tech savy world we inherit today, Challenges are at every step. And what more, a thing that is very important today may become obsolete tomorrow. Needs and demands are changing everyday. Unless we are too quick to decipher the changing minds, the needs and the sweeping vision, any organization or institution will lag behind.

Excelsior Public School recognises the need to prepare every child to meet the challenge. We believe that success is dependant on different factors like academic excellence, ability to make head start, being flexible and focussed and a well groomed personality. To achieve this, our philosophy blends academic rigor with exploratory learning. This enables the child to understand the different aspects of education on his own through professional guidance.

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