SR International Academy, Nadbai

Address:Raghu Vihar, Kherli Road, Nadbai, Rajasthan-321602

Phone: 05643 275334
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

SriaFar From the hue and cry of the town life. situated in the lap of nature SRIA itself is an indication of providing the students an environment of pure education, aiming at the alround development of personality. This institution has an ambitious mission to offer oppurtunities to the students of this rural area which are far from their reach. No scheme or programme which is directed towards the objective of rural community welfare in India can prove of much consequence unless it takes into account the educational factor. Education can play a much more important part than anything else in the process of building up better, happier and more prosperous village. We aim at abolishing the ignorance. Our main objective is to penetrate the darkness of ignorance and spread the light of wisdom. Our mission is to prevent villagers and village children from going to cities and adopt city culture . We focus our attention at removing their fears, suspicions and enable them to meet their needs and face the challenges. This is accomplished when education ceases to centre round books and concentrates itself on rural Craft. Modern youth has forgot manual labour. He prefers white collard job. Our chief purpose of education is to train children in the performance of numerous kinds of manual jobs. The chief mission of this school is to inculcate in student the feeling of self respect , self reliance and love for their mother land. We are teaching them English language not the English culture. The essential characteristic which distinguishes Indian culture from the modern Scientific culture of the west is a constant emphasis on spiritual values. To us the goal of life is the communion with the supreme. It is life of realization, an inner vision of God. We want each and every student to be cultured which means he is purified, sublime and perfect. There are three main methods which are required in a National system of Education namely the litrerary, scientific and technical Curriculum.

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