Vijay Laxmi International School, Bayana

Address:Bidyari, Bharatpur Road, Bayana, Rajasthan-321401

Phone: 05648 211083
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About Vijay Laxmi International School
To Vijay Laxmi International School, which looks forward to busy and successful year. This website is intended as am introduction on the way in which the school works and to what it seeks to achieve for its pupils. We hope that it provides useful information about all the areas of school life, including teaching and learning, behavior and home-school matters. Staff are always willing to answer ay further question you may have, at mutually convenient times.

The staff, governors and parents are working together to provide an environment in which all children are valued and have the opportunity to realise their full potential. We are determined that every child is recognised as an individual, helped to develop his or her talents and encouraged to work and co-operate with others.

We believe that the school deserves its reputation for being a lively, stimulating and caring community of children and adults. Its particular educational and social atmosphere stems from a dedicated and committed staff, the welcome diversity of the children's experience, and positive attitudes to all aspects of school life. The school seeks continuous improvement through the active engagement of all concerned in its activities, Visits to the school are welcome at any time.

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Updated on: [August 22, 2019]