Vidyashram Public Sr Sec School, Pilani

Address:Loharu-Pilani Rd, Nayako Ka Mohalla, Pilani, Rajasthan-333031

Phone: 01596 242060
9828294446, 9680614446
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

The mission of Vidyashram Public School is to empower each of its to become the leaders. We believe education is much more than just formal academics. At VPS it encompasses building moral character, stimulating, intellect, imparting information and academic knowledge, developing various skills, acquiring strong and able body ensuring physical fitness, encouraging enterprise, instilling fighting spirit and tenacity and sensitizing compassion and spirituality for life. We believe in the philosophy that each individual is formed with a uniqueness of his own. We try to make him aware of his intrinsic character and inspire him to build upon his innate strengths to their full potential. We strive to provide him an environment which fosters his creativity and engenders original ideas in his mind. We Endeavour to instill a sense of self-esteem and belief in his own capabilities. We go all out to encourage to act on his instinct and ideas without fear of failure, hardship, inner skepticism and from outsiders and world at large. In a nutshell our mission is to transform each individual student into a well developed personality to lead a successful life.

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Updated on: [August 22, 2019]