Dream India School, Vijayanagaram

Address:D.No 27-13-2, Beside SBI, Dasannapeta, 100ft Ring Road, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh-535003

Phone: 0892 2277981
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Website: www.dreamindia.com

Dream India is an initiative to ‘Educate and Empower Indians’ with a focus on mass population through a Block level approach. ‘Dream India’ is a chain involving various links. These links are Education, Employability, Agriculture, Healthcare and Financial Inclusion. Making these links Accessible and Affordable to all Indians is the single biggest objective of Dream India, only then India can move towards a Dream India.

Dream India is a dream to see an Educated and Empowered India; the same is possible only when:

Quality education is made accessible and affordable to the entire population.
Indian youth is provided skill based training in English, Computers/Internet and other trades.
Dream India is an Initiative by experienced professionals and leaders in Education in India and the World, to provide the much-required solutions across all above-mentioned areas to the Indian students.

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Updated on: [December 05, 2017]