Lucknow Public School, Raibareilly

Address:NAV Abad Abul Hasan Nadvi Colony, Near Champa Devi Temple, Raibareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 0535 2000665
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Lucknow Public Group of Schools was founded by Revd.C.P. Singh Ji, a symbol of discipline, dedication and devotion in the year 1983.

The Lucknow Public School, Ahiya Raipur, Raebareilly started on 07 April 2006 with the motto “Discipline, quality and value education. The main aim of the school is to make children educated under the discipline so that the children can easily get their goals in the future.

We at LPS, aim at providing an environment, which motivates children to become self-reliant and confident. We lay the foundation for right work habits, attitudes, values and a positive sense of self awareness. We constantly endeavour to develop the spirit of National Integration and create a sense of INDIANNESS among children. We encourage the children to become keen observer, great explorer and user of what he/she has learnt. We believe in the age old axiom- “Healthy mind in a healthy body”. To ensure that the students keep physically fit, the school organizes various outdoor and indoor sports like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. with many other track and field events. Besides, we provide a plethora of opportunities at inter-school, State and National and international levels by encouraging students to participate in various competitions.

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