Sai Baba Public School, Mount Abu

Address:Sai Vihar Colony, Bye Pass Aburoad, Chandmari Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan-307026

Phone: 02974 225500

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Digital Smart Classroom
The school is providing digital classrooms in which the children learn various lessons in an animated format which makes it easier for them child to memories various concepts. The digital classroom is already having a wide range of database which is provided by teach next education in a very easy form for the teachers and the students.

Junior Block
School have junior block for Kindergarten students. They are learning about letters, shapes, colors and dance. Some children can even read! The kids are comforted by the "homey" feel of the classroom.

Computer Laboratory
Equipped with the latest Pentium systems the computer lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus. It endeavors to expose the latest technologies and skills to the students.

Kids Activity Room
Several kids activity rooms which conduct various social, cultural, technical, sports and co-curricular activities to enhance student's personality, communication and confidence.

Library is the centre of attraction. We believe that a school without library is just like a body without heart. To meet the requirement of the students in their learning, the school library is well stocked with more than 5000 books and a numbers of magazines providing ample opportunities to the students to explore the unending world of learning.

Game & Sports
The games and sports amenities of the school range from court of games like basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and the like to a full fledged cricket ground. All the students are divided into four houses and inter house competitions are held in all the games both for Senior and Junior students.

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