Academic Heights Public School, Ecil

Address:P- 4N, Anupuram, Beside Andhra Bank, Hyderabad, Telengana-500062

Phone: 9666993366, 9912349905

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CLASSES: 1st To Vll

Academic Heights Public School in AS Rao Nagar (ECIL) is a school dedicated to the development of its students. At AHPS, students learn rather than just study. It is a secondary school that teaches from Class 1st to Class 8th.

Since these are very crucial years of a childís life, we have always focused on understanding the child and teaching accordingly instead of using the same mundane methods of teaching. Each child is different, what works for one child may not work for another. With the appropriate teacher:student ratio, we make sure that each student at Academic Heights Public School gets the attention they need.

Outside of their curriculum, Academic Heights Public School also teaches its students various art forms and gives them exposure to several sports and games. This way they have an overall knowledge of everything and excel in more than one field.

A special Arts and Crafts room is designed for their creativity to flow and a Music & Dance room is also there. The school also has a Library where children can read more on topics that are in their textbooks.

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Updated on: [November 09, 2017]