Academic Heights Public School, Buxar

Address:Near 11 No. Dam, On Buxar-Sikraul Road, Manza Batwa, Dist. Buxa, Buxar, Bihar-802116

Phone: 9835278777, 9431098314

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Academic Heights Public School in Buxar, Bihar is not only a prominent primary school but also a parentsí favourite. With our innovative and methodologies of teaching, AHPS has always focused on nurturing rather than simply dictating the textbooks.

The school follows the CBSE curriculum, although the students now want to learn and not just parrot each word of their textbooks to write during their exams, they want to learn and they want to grow. With this need for students to learn and grow comes the need for teachers to grow. For this, we have designed special teaching methods so they study effectively.

For a school that teaches from Class 1st to Class 5th and nourishes early and crucial years of students, we believe that each student has his/her own talent and at AHPS we help them hone their innate skills.

To achieve that target, we focus not just on studies but on extra-curricular activities too. Academic Heights Public School, Buxar, covers the area of 2 acres and has its own playground, auditorium, and computer room. A room has been dedicated to teaching and learning Arts and Crafts. In the Canteen, students get the healthiest food.

Their safety is looked after via CCTV surveillance that covers the whole premises. Transport facility is also provided to students so they reach school in the morning and home in the evening safely.

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Updated on: [November 07, 2017]