GLH Public School, Rewari

Address:Garhi Bolni Road, Rewari, Haryana-123401

Phone: 9729540201, 9729540203
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Designed by some of the Nation’s best architects and pedagogues , GLH Public School is a planned, new age, eco-friendly, co-educational public school on 6 acres of green campus that houses comprehensive academic ,co-curricular and sports facilities. It would commence with a technology enabled, fully air conditioned Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary section. It will grow to Middle school , Secondary and Senior Secondary level in the following years. User- friendly interactive multi-media learning solutions would bring more interactivity and collaboration into the classroom.

The little ones would not only enjoy the vibrant environment of a stimulating classroom and activity room but also enliven their learning experiences through ‘touch-based technology ‘ that delivers level-specific educational content based on strong instructional pedagogy.
Our school is founded on the understanding and appreciation of student individuality and the complete rejection of the “one size fits all” approach to learning.

Eco-friendly Campus:

The building is designed in a manner that it has spacious classrooms, naturally well lit to allow sunlight , insulated double walls to balance the conduction of excessive heat and cold. High ceilings and ventilators keep the rooms cool. The classrooms are fully air-conditioned .Yet energy is conserved because of the insulated walls.
Rain water is harvested for re-use for watering plants and cleaning purposes. The children will learn to say ‘no to poly-bags , refrain from wasting paper , save water and energy and segregate waste. The 3 R’s of Reduce , Reuse and Recycle will be inculcated from the beginning. Through the children’s actions the message of ‘save the environment’ and ‘love for Nature’ would be conveyed to the Community.
The Building is Certified for Earthquake safety. There are very wide corridors, staircases, doors , windows and exits for an emergency evacuation plan.
The school is located in clean green, pollution free environment. A row of trees is planted along the periphery and front to break wind speed and curtail noise. Children would be involved in ‘tree plantation drives’ and gardening within the school campus.

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