St Marys Convent Sr Sec School, Ujjain

Address:Dewas Road, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh-456006

Phone: 07272 227128

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CLASSES: Sr Secondary

Franciscan sisters of St. Mary of the Angels came to the town of Dewas primarily to open a school in response to the request of Catholics to educate their children. This highly reputed school of today had very lowly beginnings. The school was started in the outhouse of Maharaja of Dewas in 1968 with 37 students on its roll. At that time Dewas was an insignificant village and had not developed to its present status. Sr. Bernadette and Sr. Rosalia the two young, enthusiastic pioneers zealously used to commute by bus from Ujjian, walking the remaining distance to the palace ground with all their teaching paraphernalia. As the bus service to Dewas was not very regular in those days, the two sisters had to sometimes return home disappointedly after waiting long hours at the bus stop. Mother Emmanuel, the Superior at Ujjain used to come to Dewas from time to time to encourage and supervise the work of these two sisters.

As the number of students on the rolls kept growing it became imperative to put up a school building. We owe a debt of gratitude to Fr. Reckwardt SVD for planning and supervising the construction of the new school building on the Ujjain Dewas Road to which the school was shifted in 1971.

Initially the school faced many problems and inconveniences, the major ones being scarcity of water and lack of funds for constructing more classrooms and to upgrade the school. But by dint of hard work, perseverance and courage of the sisters the school gradually became a Higher Secondary school, affiliated to the M.P. Board. The first batch of the students passed out of the school in 1982 and 1998 St. Maryís Dewas was affiliated to CBSE.

The school which started with 37 students then, has over 2000 students now. Today the tiny seed has grown into a huge tree. Yes there has been a steady growth and growing is always one of the most beautiful phenomenon that makes and sets apart an educational institution a sacred nursery of physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual growth.

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