Neiil World School, Morena

Address:TR Puram, AB Road, Morena , Madhya Pradesh-476001

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Science Lab
Over the years, the school has established a sound reputation as a provider of quality education. It prepares students according to standards prevailing in most countries, including India. The school has separate science labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology complete with equipment and models required to conduct experiments. LCD projectors are fitted in all the labs to create a live learning experience. Students conduct experiments under the supervision of teachers to learn the practical aspects of science. They are motivated to develop scientific inherence in them. Our teachers always expose students to various scientific phenomenons in order that they understand their practical value in real life situations.

Robotics Lab
Robotics is a new concept which will make students ready to embrace the world of technology with open arms and help them acquaint with the latest methods of education through technology. In the modern scenario everything boils down to technology and here not to be familiar with technological advancements is to be nothing. Robots are now-a-days being used everywhere i.e. in space, defense, industry, medical science, entertainment and education. Robotics will enable students to imbibe skills such as problem solving and logic building. NWS takes pride in being the first school in Madhya Pradesh to introduce robotics as a subject. Here students are not only taught to make robots functioning according to the instructions given but also to create their own new robots with the material provided to them. Students are simply crazy about this new subject and never fail to display their enthusiasm to learn and ecstasy at their achievements.

Language Lab
The use of fluent English among students is seen lacking in most schools but Neiil World School has a solution. The inhibition to speak the language is completely removed by the novel method of teaching the subject. The Language Lab not only allows students to learn concepts through computers but also enables them to listen, speak and record their voices for future correction

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