Green Valley Public School, Pithoragarh

Address:Dharchula Road, Baste, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand-262501

Phone: 05964 256056
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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

In the year 2003 Ad. Manoj Kumar Joshi as per thought of general public encouraged such an idea where there is a need to provide such education which empowerís the moral development within a child as without proper moralís simply no development can take place.

Generally in his supervision people having some ideas meet together and given rise to Green Valley Public School situated in distt Pithoragarh of State Uttarakhand. School started its session from 16 April 2003 with only strength of 3 students teachers along with necessary staff, functional in a rented building as co-educational institute. Aim of school is to provide the best possible education to its students along with moral values. Primary aim of school is to give something different in a new pattern without promotion rate learning simply by generating the power of understanding facts practically which will get used in day to days life.

It merely didnít focus only on academic aspects in spite of this its motto is to focus on overall development irrespective of Community, caste, Creed, a complete education of body, mind and spirit and help them to develop their full personality in preparation of getting, effective and purposeful place in society.

Children here are taught to treat all human being alike. They get involve in moving acts, special classes of meditation exercise, karate etc. Experts visit organized time to time to get their health tips so that the country can remain healthy be getting healthy youths.

Developing the feel of national integrity excitement to take interest in Co-curriculum activities, encouragement to participate in competitions as N.C.S.E Olympiad. Arts, sports and other along with regional festival participation to mould then in perfectly solid shape in our priority.

Along with participation the students of the school have gained lots of name and fame in last few years by getting selected in National children science congress and Indian children science congress together held in Gujrat and Chennai in the year 2010-11. Academically the result is best due to teacherís orientation program organized annually. Due to all this we get a lot of encouragement and co-operation even blessing of public as well as state authorities. The school is bounded to give its best by mean of small- delicate blooms which soon later in life will participate in progress of country along with their moralities.

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