St Vivekanand Public School, Auraiya

Address:Dibiyapur, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh-206244

Phone: 9219466656

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Welcome to SVPS. We believe that the initial steps in education begin here. We do this by providing a secure, caring and nurturing environment to enable students to develop the desire and passion for learning both now and in the future.

St. Vivekanand Public School ,Dibiyapur,Auraiya was established in 2014 by Shivpal Singh Yadav.

The passion for learning is contagious. We believe that creating the passion for learning is a large part of responsibility shouldered by us. Education is a progressing journey and on this path we at VPS go hand in hand with student.

Our institution is named after the great saint Swami Vivekanand. He was not only a great spiritual leader but also modern India’s most popular icon.

Saint Vivekanand Public School exhorted the young to ‘arise’ and ‘awake’ and to reject all doctrines and dogmas that were based on superstition and prejudice .

Saint Vivekanand Public School stands tall and proud with its feet firmly embedded in the bedrock of the eternal values and inspiring sacrifices of great soul- Swami Vivekanand .

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Updated on: [September 16, 2018]