Vyas World School, Bareilly

Address:Opp. Mahanagar Colony, Beside Regional College, Pilibhit By Pass, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh-243001

Phone: 7088766222, 7088766333

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Website: www.vyasworldschool.com

Home InfrastructureLocated just to the opposite of Mahanagar Colony, our school is a secure, open and lively home for your child. Shaped with passion and purpose as a result of a deep and engaging collaboration between our team and the project architects and landscapists, our beautifully designed building and the open spaces that surround it, are not merely passive structures that house or shelter learning, rather they are personalised, creative and adaptive expressions of a culture that inspires learning.

Visualised as a "school for learning" for children, the physical space of VYAS WORLD SCHOOL reects beauty, thoughtfulness and interaction with the elements. Well-ventilated and well lit classrooms with large windows are designed for comfort in varying weather conditions. The School Building is designed to give students maximum space and proximity to nature. We believe that students must keep in constant touch with the natural environment. There are open corridors throughout the school that provide enchanting vistas of light and shade. All of our classrooms are spacious and have ample natural light.

This architectural plan functions as an exciting learning space for our students. Each of our Kindergarten classes has a separate open air play cum learning area. Teachers appreciate it as it provides a diversity of inviting open-air spaces where classes can be held.

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