St Vivekanand Millennium School

Address:HMT Township, Pinjore, Haryana-134101

Phone: 01733 263960
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St. Vivekanand Millennium School believes in inspiring the students to become successful and responsible citizens. The curriculum is delivered through an innovative combination of classroom and activity-led learning. It is our mission to blend strong cultural fundamentals of the Gurukul Heritage and other traditional systems with advanced modern learning tools, thus providing a new direction in education. We not only believe in imparting mere education, but also imbibe in spiritual learning.

Namaste is the integral part of our routine. The word Namaste is been originated from the Sanskrit word Namah means "I bow" and te means "to you". Namaste means "I bow to you". This tradition is followed in our school to greet each other. At SVMS, our morning start with chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, which is said to purify us & increase our wisdom, spiritual growth and development. After chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, students come out of their classes for health run. The studies have shown the health benefits of the running that reduces the chances of common cold to the fatal cancer. It helps them to improve their fitness and stamina. It also increases their bone density and considered to be best aerobic exercise for physical conditioning of the heart and lungs. Health run is followed by meditation with 'OM' gunjan.

Students sit in meditation to concentrate the mind in a spiritual ideal, to be one with it and the thought process dissolving in the consciousness of it, which helps them to improve in three fields i.e. Pratyahara or withdrawl of the mind from the outer objects or attention to their memory, Dharana- patience and Dhyana i.e. concentration. Meditation helps to inculcate the power of concentration in students, which helps them to learn things faster and more vividly.

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