Saibaba Central School, Ongole

Address:Sai Babuji Nagar, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh-523002

Phone: 08592 322622, 200404
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The School buildings have been engineered strictly adhering to the ISI standards, in compliance with the National Building Code (IS: 4838)

Every room in the school has wide lattices that allow natural diffused light to come in from both sides of the room. This is achieved by the innovative use of "light shelves" which act as both sunshades and also light reflectors sending natural light deep into the rooms. Concrete "grilles" provide an attractive screen for safety and protection as the children move along the well-ventilated corridors. Wall-to-wall windows on opposite sides of every classroom allow cross ventilation, helping to circulate copious amounts of air in the room and cool down the temperatures during summer.

Many of the classrooms are equipped with a projector and screen to enhance student learning (Smart Classes). All classrooms have a high-speed internet connection so that the teachers can access the net and use interesting material in their lessons.

The Kindergarten playroom is full of interactive, fun play equipment that helps develop the psycho-motor and creative skills of the young children. The room has colourful wall-to-wall murals that the kids enjoy immensely.

All the Kindergarten classroom walls also have such colourful murals on them.

The kindergarten play area is a sand lot where the children can play safely without fear of injury. The play area has two slides, two swings with eight seats appropriate for different age groups. There is also a fun sand pit which the children love to play in.

In addition, we also have lots of tricycles, slides, see-saws, ropes, play dough and other equipment that help improve and strengthen the psycho-motor skills of our children.

There are more than the required number of toilets on each floor and they are maintained to a high standard. Boys and girls have separate toilets. The School believes that healthy children in a hygienic environment produce high learning output. Thus, the School focusses on providing a healthy learning environment by:

Provision of facilities needed for sanitation, such as clean lavatories, toilets, hand-washing
Provision of Personal and Environmental Hygiene Education in the curriculum to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge for effective hygiene
Programming personal and environmental hygiene awareness camps
Each floor of the school building has a staff room with wide windows across the room which provide the teachers with lots of natural light and ventilation. They are provided with lockers, personal working spaces and a computer to prepare and assess their lessons.

The school has a dedicated sickroom with first aid supplies and basic medicine. The room has four clean beds for the children who need to rest and recover.

The school has a reverse osmosis mineral water plant to supply pure and safe water for the children. Enough number of taps are arranged at different points on every floor of the school so that the children can get the water at their nearest point.

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