AM World School, Chandausi

Address:Bahjoi Road, Chandausi, Uttar Pradesh-244412

Phone: 90126 88800

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The schoolís pride is its well furnished library on the first floor of the Heritage Building . The library is spacious , well-furnished, fully automated and can accommodate more than 50 students at one time. AM World School's library has a collection of more than twenty five thousand books on different subjects like Fiction, Science, History, Religion, Psychology, Logic, G.K., Quiz and other reference books

AV Room and Conference Room
The Audio visual room is used regularly by the students to update their knowledge on various subjects, from Geography to Science.

A bright, airy and inspiring room, which allows students to explore a variety of media ranging from fine art, painting, drawing and craft to give expression to their creativity.

School Infirmary
School has well equipped infirmary established for more than 25 years.
Infirmary has facilities like First Aid for minor and major problems e.g.
Injuries dressing
Nebulization therapy
Blood Pressure , Temperature Recording
Weight and Height Recording
In case of emergency students/ staff is taken to hospitals in panels. Facilities AM World School

Staff Rooms
Two staff rooms have been provided by the School keeping in mind the increasing number of teachers each year. The Teachers are provided with separate work stations , ample working space and spacious cupboards. Each staff room is equipped with a computer to meet the ever-increasing demand of technology, water-coolers, Air-Conditioners and a separate pantry is also provided. These state of art staff rooms ensure that each member of the staff is comfortable for it is the firm belief of the administration that a Ď happy teacher makes a better teacherí.

Internet-enabled computer laboratory with over a 50 computers are designed to meet the studentsí Information Technology needs. Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate a rapidly changing technology driven world.

Science LAB
Science laboratories provide requisite hands-on experience which is the heart of science teaching. Science teachers along with the lab assistant plan various demonstrations and experiments to ignite the curiosity and inculcate a scientific temperament in the students.

Sprawling lawn with lush green and flowering plants are a specialty of AM World School . The cool shade of trees provide relief in the summer months. Sometimes one can even see activities or classes taking place under the trees. Students are welcome to fully utilize the above for sitting , practicing for an activity or for studying but littering is strictly forbidden.

Childrenís Park
The most talked about addition to the school is the mind-blowing new play area exclusively for the little one. It has most amazing swings, giant slide, tunnel, ladders, merry-go-round etc. to make it more eye-catching. The play area and the huge ground surely makes a child come close to nature. Commencing on such new developments in the school campus, many parents had to say that they were indeed privileged to have their children associated with AM World School

Play Ground
AM World School has a large and extensive playground with facilities for playing Football, Cricket, Hockey and Athletics. School has a big play field which includes a track of 400 meters., 3 Football grounds and 2 Cricket fields. The school also has 3 outdoor and 2 indoor Badminton courts, 1 Basketball court, 2 Volleyball courts, 3 Lawn Tennis courts to facilitate the students to become a good sportsman as well.

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