Takshila Public School, Behror

Address:Hamjapur , Distt. Alwar , Behror, Rajasthan

Phone: 9468699416, 94144-53464

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Website: tpsbehror.co.in

Location & Background:
The school has a unique and scenic setup.It would be Oasis in the desert,the location is not so complex rather to locate this school is easiest job as it visible from the main road of behror to kund.It is situated in a calm. pleasant,hygienic and pollution free environment.There are plants and lush green grass all around in the campusto give a natural look and aesthetic scenic.It is hardly 2k.m. away from behror toward kund.

The bright and spacious classrooms are extremely conducive to the learning processes. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-art audio-visual teaching aids with Computer Aided Instruction System. Each classroom has Digital Smart Boards, a Computer with a broadband connection to the central server and to the internet. Apart from these the students also has easy access to basic necessities like coolers, hot water, etc. Thus the learning process of the student is accelerated.

Computer Lab:
The 30 seater computer lab is well equipped with fast internet enabled, networked computers. The students are encouraged to acquire the skills needed to operate applications which help in the learning process. Netiquette and safe computer operation practices are encouraged.

The need to seek knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom is essential. With over 3000 volumes the three storied school library caters to the voracious reading needs of the students. The Library subscribes to over 7 magazines and dailies which help to meet the varying reading needs of the student. In addition to seeking information within the library, students can use the computers placed in the library to browse the internet for information.

The class room learning is supported with practical application experience in our well equipped science labs. The labs are custom designed to accommodate and facilitate the use of the Lab equipments in the most comfortable and unobtrusive manner. Well stocked with consumables the labs provide ample opportunity to each student to experiment and learn.

Play Grounds:
The school has two play grounds one in the school campus while the other is the cricket ground. The cricket ground is solely used for cricket training. All other sporting events take place in the ground within in the school campus.

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