Sfc Public School, Moga

Address:VPO Fatehgarh , korotana, Tehsil Dharmkot, Moga, Punjab-142001

Phone: 9876400621

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Website: sfcpublicmoga.com
CLASSES: Senior Secondary

Sfc Public School was established in 2010 having a Affiliation Number is 1630672 level of Secondary Stage is funded by the Self Financing Moga, Punjab. This School was accredited by CBSE. The group of visionaries and intellectuals to impart education in a stimulating and innovative environment where students are empowered with knowledge and professional skills while upholding the values of integrity, tolerance and mutual respect. It is among the prominent colleges of its field in the state.

We cannot help ourselves without helping others. No person was ever honoured for what he received. Doing the right thing for the right reason. The first thing education teachers you to do is walk alone.

The management and faculty of the school have put in their heart and soul in blossoming the student of this school and making conscious efforts of imbibe qualities of self-confidence and ability to communicate in a balanced manner and upholding Indian social values of parental love, affection and respect. Tomorrow undoubtedly belongs to those individuals who burn their midnight oil today.

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