Carpe Diem International School, Rajpura

Address:Vill. Uppalheri, Rajpura Sirhind Highway 44, Rajpura, Punjab

Phone: 7347547569

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CLASSES: Sr Secondary

Laboratories and Library
Computer Lab, Language Lab, Audio Visual Labs are available to students to experiment and relate theory to real life.Staff and children access and use the library on daily basis. To facilitate researching the vast content in the world wide web, computers have been installed at the Library with high-speed internet connection and exposure to e- library.
Resource Centre
Sometimes children have certain hidden disabilities such as Dyslexia. This learning disability requires at rained teacher to identify it and help the child deal with it through special learning techniques. We offer caring and professional teachers who work closely with such children to ensure their successful transition into adulthood and the world of higher education.

Academy of Creativity

fleet of buses is provided to and from the school. The routes extend as far as Uksi, Sirhind, Banur, Shambhu, Kohli, Basantpura, Lunna and other nearby villages.
Environment Projects
Students learn solid waste management through vermin composting. High quality manure is prepared under special conditions.
The importance of 3R’s – Reuse, Reduce, & Recycle- is instilled in the students and helps in sensitizing the mtowards the importance of the environment.

Smart Classrooms
Classrooms are spacious, well lit, large, air conditioned and provide the most conducive atmosphere for learning. Children and teachers take keen interest in maintaining cleanliness and decoration of their classrooms.
All class rooms from Grade 1, are fitted with interactive boards and networking facilities.Lessons are delivered through use of advanced technology including Projectors.
The School Café
The school café helps children not only in learning good dinning and eating habits but develops emotional and social skills while eating with their peer group and teachers. It’s a fun and happy place that child rensimply love and imbibe the habit of sharing.
Health Centre and Clinic functions throughout the school hours top rovide first aid and immediate medical attention.Periodical medical checkup of every student is done and records are maintained. In case a child needs special medical attention and treatment, parents are informed and specialist doctors are contacted. A qualified nurse is available for emergency care.

Pottery Studio
Stroll across the recreation corridor to the studio and watch the potters at work and begin to understand the quote “Our pots are made from what we potters are”! Pottery Studio is a beehive of activity throughout the year where small beautiful articles are made by little Carpe Diean potters.

Wide area for kindergarten children where they use this area for physical exercises and other body kinesthetic activities. Gymnasium is designed in a way to nurture the children and give them the wisdom of their bodies and ability to control physical motion through various gym equipments and toys.

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