LRS DAV Senior Secondary Model School, Abohar

Address:DAV Campus, Abohar, Punjab-152116

Phone: 01634 224326, 220755

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

LRS DAV Senior Secondary Model School, Abohar founded on April 24, 1972 is a prestigious institute of the illaqa imparting quality education to the blooming citizens of the nation. Today, in an era of fast paced life when one has to face cut-throat competition for carving a niche for oneself, we have taken an onus to provide the best.

We, here at LRS DAV are committed to prepare our students to come up to the expectations that the changing society has from them in this age of moral deterioration and degradation. The daily Havan Yajna, at the start of the day, provides a spiritual experience to one and all. The vedic beliefs upon which the DAV thrives are being strongly embedded in them. These beliefs strengthen them morally, emotionally, spiritually as well as intellectually to face the challenges that the changing societal norms and modern ways of the world are throwing out to them.

The most modern infrastructure, well equipped Science, Maths and Language labs, lush green lawns and the best faculty only add to the already rich heritage that the school boasts of. May we be able to serve the society in the best possible manner with the blessings of the Almighty and under the aegis of DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi by imparting holistic education to our blooming buds.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti !

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