Mother India Public School

Address:N.H.74 Doraha Bazpur, Distt: U S Nagar, Bazpur, Uttarakhand-262401

Phone: 9675856559

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School is the spirit that brings every student of ours alive. Talent cannot be forced out of people. Established in 1998 by Mrs. Rashmi Vij & Mr. Ajay Kumar Vij, Mother India Public School aims at creating an environment where children develop their personality and pursue self learning. We recognizes every childís potential, coaxes it out of its hesitant shell, nurtures it, and brings it to life.

In school, we realise that education is not just about scoring high marks in a test. Education is about accepting defeat on the sports field gracefully and finding joy in the victories of others. It is about greeting everyone with a smile. It is about sharing oneís learning with others.

We feel a sense of pride that Mother India Public School has been imparting quality education & believes in steady and continuous progress, with never-ending modernization and increased facilities and infrastructure.we achieves and sustains high standards of excellence that we sets for ourselves. We feel a sense of pride that the students are rooted in their values and traditions. We are sure that the spirit of MIPS will continue to be passed on and that it will continue to grow from strength to strength, as it has been growing for the past fifteen years.

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