TR DAV Public Sr Sec School, Hamirpur

Address:Kangoo,Teh. Nadaun, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh-177040

Phone: 01972 231115, 231715

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Maharisi Dayanand Sarasvati , the founder of Arya Samaj, was not only a great saint but also a progressive social reformer. He realised that education is that education whichhas been a big casuality in our country. That is why among the ten principles of Arya Samaj, eradication, of ignorance and illiteracy, through spread of education, became his key note to achieve this cherished goal, Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society was formed in the year 1885 and its first School was opened in 1886, Today the D.A.V. movement has entered the Second Century of its glorious existence. The D.A.V. movement is guided by devoted and dedicated educationists who have unshakeable belief in spiritual Philosophy of our Country. They endeavour to incorporate the best of the materialistic Philosophy of the West. To-day, D.A.V. College Trust and management Society, New Delhi, is the biggest non-government educational organisation in India, The Society is running more than Seven Hundred educational Institutions Which include - Science and Art Colleges, Colleges of Education, Professional Colleges , Ayurvedic and Pharmacy Collages, Vedic Research Institute, Aided Schools. Model Schools and Public Schools. A few years back the Society ventured upon an ambitious plan of establishing a large number of Public schools to impart quality education to the students. The D.A.V. Society and Management can now take the credit and pride of spreading a vast net work of Public schools all over the country. All such schools have a centrally planned educational programme with freedom for local adjustment. These schools are fast becoming symbols of quality education in their areas. D.A.V. Public School, Kangoo in Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.) is one of the them, started in 1992 under the direct control of D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi.

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