Madrasatul Muslemin Rabbani High School

Address:Imgli Bag Naya Bazar, District Nagpur, Kamptee, Maharashtra-441002

Phone: 07109 288325

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CLASSES: 1st To 12

Mr. Shaikh Husain Rabbani along with his saintly companions laid the foundation of Madrasatul Muslemin in 1892, knowing that, seeking knowledge is obligatory for each and every Muslim, due to the devotion and dedication of Rabbani Sahab and his spirited team, that Madrasa became the Primary school in 1902 and later in 1932 it became the Middle School which proved to be the turning point for the muslim community in the field of education. Rabbani Sahab not only dedicated his life but also spent his property solemnly for the sake of the institution; hence the institution was named Rabbani.
From 1932 to 2007, these Seventy Five years have been remained quite eventful, during this period, the institute has faced lots of ups and down, but due to the optimistic and positive approach and attitude of those associated with this institute, the institute came out safely and successfully from its acid test.

Today it stands as a source of inspiration and hope, the symbol of progress and prosperity, the mirror of past and present, the centre of quality education and sports, the base of sound culture and civilization, the reflection of arts and literature and above all the token of unity in diversity.

We, the Rabbanians consider ourselves fortunate enough to be associated with such a glorious institution and taking part in its Platinum Jubilee celebration. Though we have a sense of satisfaction, our focus is on the new challenges, that the institution will have to face in future due to the changing scenario, specially in the field of education.
On this august occasion, with immense joy and profound sense of gratitude, we present this Souvenir to all our patrons, well-wishers, benefactors, staff, students and parents.

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