Dharwad International School, Dharwad

Address:Survey No. 77/2 on NH 4, Singanahalli, Garag Hobli, Dharwad, Karnataka-580011

Phone: 9480339803, 9880448950

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CLASSES: 1st To 12


Smart, Airy & Large Classrooms
At Dharwad International School, we develop our school infrastructure with an aim to maximise the potential of each student to learn, reduce distractions, enhance focus and remove any form of discomfort or difficulty.

Hence our school is designed to incorporate the principles of ergonomics at all levels. Our classrooms are spacious making sure the students can focus on the lesson. We have specially designed furniture in each of our school classrooms that make sure the student is comfortable all throughout the school session. Other facilities include:
A fully equipped medical centre with requisite first-aid as well as a trained medical professional.

Nature Classrooms
The nature based class activities that we teach at DIS are fun, engaging and easy to do and awaken children's’ senses, minds and hearts. Children need to go outside for both learning and play. Time outdoors helps children to develop a sense of spirit, independence and confidence.
During the classes, we provide a natural space where children can run, play, dance, sing, squeal, shout or be silent in this outdoor space. They stand, kneel or crouch to paint or create the creatures, birds, trees, flowers and grasses which are all around us. The children develop a beautiful relationship with Mother Earth. They get to feel who they are, happy and free.

Boarding Facilities
In boarding we provide a home away from home where we maintain traditional values in a family atmosphere. We develop in the whole child a desire for truth, decorum, courtesy and high-achievement. These values are the cornerstones of success.
We provide an environment whereby students can develop their intellectual talents in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to work. Daily prep is well-structured, supervised, orderly and silent.

Excellent Sports facilities
At DIS the sporting infrastructure is second to none in India. Immaculately groomed fields for cricket, football and hockey are only the beginning of the experience: we also have courts for , volleyball, badminton, and basketball and a superb swimming pool, a yoga room, plus a vast space for cross-country running and other outdoor pursuits.

Other Facilities
•Hockey Ground
•Swimming Pool
•200 meters running track
•Volleyball/Basketball Courts

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