Holy Mother Public School

Address:Kansapur Road, Bank Colony, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana-135001

Phone: 9254306908

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Website: www.hmpsynr.in

Holy Mother Public School is a home for the talented and gifted, for those with a dream, a passion and commitment to study, learn, investigate and innovate. Holy Mother Education society aimed at bringing into the minds of the students. The importance of motherliness in their lines. For that purpose, a school under the name and style of “Holy Mother Public School” was set up in the year 1994-95. God can’t be everywhere that is why he created the institute of mother for the upbringing of the children. India is our motherland. The students are taught to love their motherland that is Bharat and to reciprocate the effects, love and protection given to them by mother. Holy Mother is none else but our motherland, who is holy as God. The main purpose of setting up the school is to inculcate the ingredients of hard work integrity and honesty among the students. They are also taught to understand the social problems and tensions. They are told that “Poverty is bad, Disparity is worse.” They are told to be social oriented and try to minimize the disparity among the people of India, whether it is social, economic and political disparity.

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