Bhagwan Parshuram Public School

Address:Bilaspur Road, Jagadhri, Haryana-135003

Phone: 01732 247694

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CLASSES: 1st To 12

Bhagwan Parshuram co-education Public School (English medium) situated on Bilaspur by-pass Road, Jagadhri opening in the Nehru Centenary year 1989 by Parshuram Temple Trust (Regd) Jagadhri with the inspiration and guidance of Late Sh. Shanti Swaroop Sharma heavenly abode on 22nd march 2001. He was scholar and had retired as Director of Education. Bhagwan Parshuram Public School is now making strides and is very popular institution in the ilaqa.

Bhagwan Parshuram Public School was started with nursery class in the Nehru Centenary year. One class is added every year. In the beginning there were only 65 students in the three nursery Sections. Now the strength of the school has rise to 900. Upto the high School is being run on the Delhi Pattern having C.B.S.E. affilation. N.C.E.R.T. syallabus and courses are prescribed in each class. All the facilities with Science Lab, Maths Lab., School library are provided. Bus facilities on every route is also available.

The whole school has been divided in to Four Houses which are Rishi Jamdagni House, Loma House, Renuka House, Bhagwan Parshuram House and Rajeev House. It may be clarified for general information that Rishi Jamdagni was Bhagwan Parshuram’s father and Loma was Bhagwan Parshuram’s spouse and Renuka Ji was Bhagwan Parshuram’s Mother.

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