Lornas School, Dimapur

Address:Near New Dhansiri, Bridge Walford Colony, Dimapur, Nagaland-797117

Phone: 8259012981

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Website: www.lornasschool.com

Lorna’s School strives to enrich the development of education and skills, and help all students reach their full potential. Its primary concern is the achievement of high standards and the delivery of quality education in all aspects at every level; we are therefore committed to a rigorous academic programme leading to university entrance. Alongside this, the School seeks to nurture in its students a true desire to learn, and the ability to study within an environment that is friendly, but orderly and firm, an environment where relationships between students and teachers are based on mutual trust and respect. We encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning from an early age, and to always be proud of their efforts and achievements. We also support students in developing spiritual values to guide them throughout life, to enable them to become well-rounded responsible true citizens of our country and well-prepared for the many opportunities that the future holds.

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Updated on: [March 11, 2021]