St James School, Kolkata

Address:165, Acharya Jagadish , Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700014

Phone: 033 22841546

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

St. Jamesí School is affiliated with the CISCE and administers the ICSE(X) and ISC(XII) examinations.
Middle School(Classes 5-8)
Introduction of the students to half-yearly and annual examinations
Introduction to the concept of separately specialized teachers teaching separate subjects to improve their knowledge and concepts
Class 5-6: Introduction to higher level of study of the subjects already being taught. Higher level of mathematics by bringing distinction between arithmetic, algebra and geometry. Introduction of 3rd language.
Class 7: Introduction of physics, chemistry and biology as separate subjects. Weekly visits to the Science Labs for practical demonstrations are scheduled.
Class 8:Students who have excelled in academics as well as extracurricular activities are given the chance to be middle school leaders to lead their
Seminars, Presentations, Workshops and counselling are organised for enriching the skill sets of the students.
Language classes end
Students choose either the Science or Commerce stream. English, 2nd Language(Vernacular), History Civics and Geography and Mathematics are compulsory Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology) is offered to the Science students along with Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Art and Physical Education (any one as
Science students other than English which is compulsory, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and any one of the following
Computer Science
Commerce Students settle for Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Physical Education, Art, Mathematics or Business Studies.

Class 12:Students who have worked for the school for the past years in the field of academics as well as sports are given the chance to be prefects and they have the highest powers assigned to students. Preparations for the I.S.C. examinations in the last year of their school life.

St. Jamesí School has one of the largest playgrounds among Schools in Kolkata.
St. Jamesí School has a covered regulation size basketball court
St. Jamesí School holds its Annual Athletic Meet where students participate and win medals and certificates for their performance. Junior School has their sports on a different day.

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