DAV Police Public School, Gurugram

Address:RTC - Campus, Near CRPF Academy, Bhondsi, Gurugram, Delhi NCR

Phone: 0124-2266570

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Website: davppsbhondsi.org

DAV Police Public School, RTC Campus, Bhondsi, Gurugram is a co-educational secondary English medium school, a brilliant and shining bead in the string of more than 900 educational institutions managed by DAV College Managing Committee.

The Haryana Police Department, a government service body is committed by all means to make it the best school with high academic excellence and holistic education. It is situated in lush green environs of RTC Police Campus in Bhondsi. A beautifully designed building, marvelous landscape, spacious classrooms equipped with computers, projectors and modern gadgets.

The school has a separate Conference Hall, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Mathematics Lab, Computer Lab and Language Lab. To instill an overall development in the budding stars, separate rooms are provided for dance, art, games, vocal music and various activities. We have complete CCTV surveillance all over the campus for security purpose as well.

Along with cutting edge modern technology, the school strive to enshrine Vedic culture in the developing students, as aim of any education is not only the knowledge of facts but values. We venture to provide the right input to help the children grow up into caring and sharing individuals, equipped to make right choice in life, and grow up to be responsible, well ventilated and well-lit global citizens. The school strongly believes in learner-centric teaching methodologies and an enquiry based learning.

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Updated on: [June 09, 2022]