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A little girl once saw a wet sticky caterpillar trying to come out of a cocoon. She kept watching with wonder. The caterpillar gradually tried to spread out its flat wings waiting for them to dry. In order to help the caterpillar she brought a fan to hasten the process and help the caterpillar to dry the wings faster and with ease.

The caterpillarís wings drying unevenly and in haste did not open at all and the caterpillar toppled over, never to fly as a butterfly.

The girl learnt a huge lesson that nurture has to be a very aware and conscious process according to the natural needs and growth pattern of the child. It cannot be according to us, as what we think it should be, at our convenient time and according to our unreal expectations.

This awareness is the calling of the Goenkan Pre-School.

The little girl was Dr. Maria Montessori whose amazing scientific observations and methods have proven to be unbeatable by psychologists and educational experts all over the world.

Her immense love and sensitivity towards the psychic care of the child completely revolutionized the way child is perceived and interacted with.

Sometimes a little incident, just a random event in place and time awakens us to a larger calling in life. The event changes the course of our thought, action , awareness and can change the shape of the future.

It is just a trigger of press button that can initiate the massive energy of electricity to flow through a complex mechanism of fabrication, manufacture and creation.

It is the smallest particle, the atom, the simplest unit of all existing matter. Yet within it, is the limitless potential to change the face of the earth. All these examples convey a vast potential requiring adequate direction and guidance into positive energy to be a resource for the future world and the constant evolution of civilization.

Our absolutely unique global Pre-School, the first of its kind has an international training program far its teachers to deal with the child with absolute sensitivity, with precise knowledge of what to do and most vitally when to do?

At G D Goenka Pre-School we understand the childís stages of development, the pace they will require and when to let go and wait for the natural miracles to express themselves.


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