The Ambassador High School, Vasai East

Address:Valiv Highway Road, Vasai East, Dist. Palghar, Vasai, Maharashtra-401208

Phone: 0250 6455343, 6455346

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CLASSES: High School

Class Room
Our spacious classrooms provide the ideal atmosphere where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions. All the classrooms are equipped with SmartClass, an interactive learning software comprising of digital modules or lessons, which the teacher can easily access and project in the classroom that illuminates and explains abstract and difficult concepts with liquid clarity.

Assembly Hall And Stage
At The Ambassador High School, the studentís creativity is always encouraged and developed. The multipurpose Assembly Hall and Stage serve to develop this aspect of school life. Various functions and competitions are held throughout the year in this spacious hall.

Computer Lab
In this fast changing world, the technology has become a necessity. The Computer Lab is well-equipped to develop and encourage the studentís interest in computers starting from Std 1 to Std 10.

Science Lab
The Science Lab gives each student a practical understanding of experiments and science concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The lab is equipped with apparatus, insects, chemicals and organic specimens for scientific research and development.

The Ambassador High School believes that oneís chances of survival increases with each book one reads. The School Library is stocked with books of different genres. Children are encouraged to read books to increase their knowledge.

Sports Ground
Students at The Ambassador High School are expected to participate in athletics and sports. Special emphasis is laid on football and basketball. We have a Sports Manager who plans, trains and develops students into sportsmen and women in their areas of interest.

Basket Ball Court
At The Ambassador High School, special emphasis is laid on football and basketball. The court is laid with non-slip tiles and metal hoops. In order to motivate the childrenís interest, some NBA players have visited the school and given brief sessions on various techniques required to play the game.

Bus Servies
The efficient bus service provides transport for the students and teachers, to and from the school. These services are critical to ensure that students are able to attend school regularly.

Counselling Cetre
The guidance and counselling of students is an integral component of the educational mission of the school. The diverse needs of students may require specific counseling. For instance, by addressing a studentís personal/social needs through counselling, the school counselor teaches the student to adapt and grow stronger, as well as be ready for educational challenges also.

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