St Annes High School, Nadiad

Address:Kapadvanj Road, District - Kheda, Nadiad, Gujarat-387001

Phone: 0268 2550014

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St. Anneís High School is a Christian Catholic Institution having minority rights run by the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne. Our School motto is Love, Loyalty and Excellence. It stands for academic excellence, development of values and skills, character formation based on the service of our neighbour and on the love of God. From very beginning of its foundation, it favours the exercise of the right that every person has to receive and education of quality that permits integral harmonious formation of their pupils in its triple dimension: Personal, Social and religious.

Through these dimensions we aim at all round personal development and human formation of character not only training of the intellect, but also the refinement of heart and spirit, so that they are able to stand on their feet and be an agent to work for the building up of a more just and fraternal society based on truth, peace and love.

We work with a vision to shed the light of faith on the realities of human life and to form the pupil to accept the challenges of the changing world. My firm belief is that personal attention and commitment shown in education, every child together with Godís providence can make a difference in every ones life and this world a better place to live in. The Trust aims at it and is very reason of its being and existence.

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