Montana International Preschool, Kandivali East

Address:Row House No. 5, Gokul Concorde, Dattani Park, Thakur Village, Opp Gokul Nagar 2, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400101

Phone: 022 65191911
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CLASSES: Play School

Montana International Preschool (kandivali), spread out over 4000sq.ft. of bungalow, offers spacious classrooms for children. A modern bungalow set up in a convenient location with a child friendly infrastructure offers the best approach to child development, along with many other facilities such as sick bay, child care classrooms, diaper changing area, and so on. With the added advantage of our French windows, our children get ample light for all their classroom activities along with proper ventilation. Our internationally based curriculum allows us to set high standards of education. Based on our whole child approach we offer multiple facilities such as water play, sand, play, learning corners, child sized washrooms and equipments and an in-house kitchen. We ensure the highest quality at all our centres through rigorous trainings for teachers. We pay utmost attention to our health and safety standards by ensuring the quality of materials we use. An outdoor play area of 1800 sq ft. contains a lush garden at our childrenís disposal. Our aesthetically pleasing addition of plants adds more colour to the environment while blending perfectly with our non toxic neutral coloured walls. Our play way method of teaching and learning encapsulates childrenís attention such that they donít wish to leave!

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Updated on: [November 13, 2017]