Lumens Pre School, Chala

Address:C15,Manibhadra Row Houses, Swami Narayan Gurukul Road, Chala, Vapi, Gujarat

Phone: 9712989378

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CLASSES: Play School

We currently have three pre-primary schools – in Vapi (Gunjan), Vapi (Chala) and Daman. The idea is that very small children will always remain close to their homes. From Std. 1, children from all pre-schools will study at our main school in Namdha.

Our Staff is
Handpicked, and extensively trained in ‘Quad Seek’ Methods by Mr. Raghavan himself who trains the teachers for at least 70-80 days in a year.
Young, active and enthusiastic as the method requires continuous participation by the teachers in all physical activities.

Trained to impart all learning as group activities with a group size of maximum four students. Our high teacher: student ratio makes this possible.
Selected from different fields of education so that the school becomes a pool of varied interests.

Extensively trained in any emotional activity such as music, art, craft, storytelling, dramatic etc. depending on individual ability.

Our Classrooms are
Bright, aesthetic and child-friendly environments
Designed to make maximum usage of floor space for activities
Equipped with its own library, games, computer, CDs and teaching aids

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