AVN Public School, Maujpur

Address:25, Shiv Mandir Gali, Maujpur, New Delhi, -110053

Phone: 011 22560332
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Website: www.avnps.co.in
General Helpline No.: 9971516996 (or SMS 'CALL')

The chief objective of any school is to provide the best education in the prevailing situation for its pupil. Keeping this view in mind. A. V. N. Public School tries to keep abreast of each and every educational activities. That can help learn teacher's latest techniques in the field of education. This school believes that change is a constant factor in life.
Therefore, education should encourage in students the development of dynamic value and thinking process, which will facilitate their intelligent adaptability of the changing society. The aim being to realize the extent of progress achieved as well as identifying all these qualities among pupils.

The school aims at the sound health and physical fitness of the students in order to enjoy energetic wholesome and happy life. The school's teaching staff encourages ethical and cultural values skills of learning and communication through moral education.

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Updated on: [March 02, 2021]

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