Amiown Play School, Pushp Vihar

Address:Pushp Vihar, Sector 7, Near Saket, New Delhi, -110017

Phone: 9910036580

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CLASSES: Pre Group to Kindergarten

At Amiown, we believe that children are remarkable learners right from the day they are born. It is for such preschoolers, who are not just eager learners, but adorable and great fun, that we have created a caring, nurturing and brilliant learning environment.
Our curriculum has also been designed keeping in view their very special requirements. It is devised to care, nurture, and above all, fulfil these little studentsí diverse needs. Our classrooms provide a safe, secure and enriching environment for every child. In this conducive environment our students enjoy easy access to all learning materials. This in turn encourages self-learning as well as independence in the children. Our teachers are qualified caregivers, who keep abreast of the latest teaching methodologies, practices and safety standards through regular training.
At Amiown, we treat every child as our own, and feel great pride in being their friends and guides, and seeing them blossom into happy lifelong learners.

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Updated on: [January 16, 2020]