Kushagra Play School, Vasant Kunj

Address:Plot No 2, Sector B, Pkt 11, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi-110070

Phone: 011 26890849, 26890859
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Website: kushagra.co.in
CLASSES: Play Group

Kushagra play school is about keeping alive. It is about helping them make sense of their world by explorating and discovering. We understand that each child has a special intelligence, a chosen method of play. Our job is to explore them in in order to help your child discover their unique and special talent. We do this by creating the right environment and providing the right stimuli.
A class cannot be limited to the four walls of the room. It has to be beyond it. This is why everything under the sun is the curriculum at Kushagra Play School. We strive to bring the outside world inside the classroom as much as possible, by creating an atmosphere of learning by doing: facilitating learning that is relevant and connected to real life.
Our curriculum is designed to develop motor skills, social skills, competitive skills and etiquettes of children.

Various kinds of competitions are held to encourage the child and develop a feeling of achieving the goal. Stage performances conducted gives them confidence to stand as an individual and express themself.

Annual day, Picnics, Independence, Republic day, Childrenís day, Diwali, Holi are celebrated with kids regularly as they are important for social development of a child.

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