The Waulden School, Niti Bagh

Address:A Block, Niti Bagh, New Delhi, -110049

Phone: 011 26855421

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CLASSES: Nursery to VIIIth

We at The Waulden School are pleased to announce our new initiative ‘The Waulden Play Group’ alongwith Nursery and Kindergarten classes.

Henry David Thoreau an American Philosopher and Saint has been a self acknowledged Guru of Mahatma Gandhi. This great saint of 19th Centaury had spent almost 13 years in the forest of Waulden. During these formative years, he mulled over the values propagated in the ancient Indian scriptures viz-a-viz the materialism as prevalent in the American society. When he came out of his long stay in the forest of Waulden, he was an enlightened person.

We also cherish the idea that the children who come into the school for learning have taken their first step towards enlightenment.

We started our Play Group, Nursery and Kindergarten classes to offer value centric learning and warm and friendly care of your children, which will ensure their harmonious and happy development. Our entire attention and dedication will be towards making the school a place that offers your children the best formative years.

Let your child be groomed and cared to lead a meaningful life. God has created everybody equal. It is only our own efforts which distinguish us by the achievements we make

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Updated on: [January 30, 2020]