St Marks Sr Sec Public School, Janakpuri

Address:A-2, Janak Puri Marg , Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi-110058

Phone: 011 25551696, 25510490

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CLASSES: Sr Secondary

Located in the prime location of C-1, Janakpuri is the eye-catching red coloured building of St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School, Janakpuri. Standing tall for about 35 years, it has become a landmark of the area. The school follows the CBSE pattern.

The school is simple in its’ form and appearance. For a good school ‘Substance is more important than form’ SMS believes that the human factor is imperative. Physical infrastructure serves little purpose if the people around do not possess the right attitude & commitment.

The school building houses a well equipped library catering to the needs of both students and teachers. The school also subscribes multiple copies of all major Newspapers, magazines & journals.

The 4 computer centers have over 50 computers where in the students of classes I to XII are provided computer education.

To introduce concepts in innovative manner Audio Visuals are installed and has become an integral part of the class room teaching as technology is a useful teaching tool.

The N.C.C. with 50 cadets functions effectively. To make the children more capable physically and to prepare them to deal with any eventuality we in our school also give them training by encouraging them to join NCC. Under NCC the Annual Training Camps are organized which groom the youth to be more disciplined and patriotic citizens, instilling in then the qualities like leadership, selfless service etc. Active participation in PM Rally is also an important feature of NCC. The school also has scouts, Cubs & Bulbuls.

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Updated on: [March 02, 2021]