Sant Gyaneshwar Senior Secondary School, Alipur

Address:Lakhmi Enclave, Extended Lal Dora, Alipur, Delhi, -110036

Phone: 011 27202338, 65146976

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CLASSES: Senior Secondary

FacilityFollowing facilities for the benefit of students are available and well maintained in the school.

The School has library measuring 40x23 sq. ft. room and 03 big tables of 6 x 4 Sq. ft size and 40 chairs for student seating and Newspaper stand is placed properly. The school library has 5349 books and 748 references books , English 150, Maths 150, Science 150, Social Science 150, Hindi 100 & Sanskrit 48 Books . Five daily Newspapers both in English and Hindi and about 12 Magazines and Journal/Periodical per month are provided to library for the students and Teachers use.
Laboratory Science

The School has a well equipped Biology laboratory measuring 30 x 25 sq. ft room along with a store of 15 x 8 and 03 big tables of size 6 x 4 Sq. ft and 35 stools for student seating. And the school has a physics Lab. Of Size 30 X 25 along with two stores of size 8.5 X 10 each, a Chemistry Lab of Size 39 X 25 along with two store of size 11.5 x 16.9 each.

The School students take active participations in extra co-curricular activities like Art and craft, singing , dancing , clay molding, poster making , debate, drama, and essay writing Competitions etc.

Building and facilities
The school building has 31 rooms , which were ready one school conference hall with seating capacity 100 students and with lecture stand, proper audio fitting and library room with proper bench and desk for all students of the school and for all the teachers. Proper staff rooms, water cooler, neat & clean toilet facilities are also available for students and teachers separately for male and female use

Mathematics Laboratory
The school has 25 X 20 sq. ft mathematics lab.

Social Science Laboratory
The school has 23 x 20 sq. ft. Social Science lab.

Computer Lab
School has a well established and well equipped functional computer lab, to give latest computer knowledge to our students. The school administration is always keen to accept and adopt all the latest advanced techniques in the field of education for the betterment of our students.

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