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Updated on: 28/4/2023

Sajjan Singh Memorial School, Bikaner

Harkhaniya ka bas , Ward No-14, Deshnok,, Bikaner (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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PHONE No.: 9728412369, 9166213929,

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEB SITE: sajjansinghmemorialschool.com



INCULCATING SELF-DISCIPLINE Everyone wants to achieve success in life. But very few people achieve the success. There are number of secrets and strategies towards success. The first and foremost among them is self discipline. Self discipline is a voluntary and conscious effort to discipline oneself without any external influence. For instance, being punctual to work rather than being reminded by others to be on time, to be focused on work voluntarily rather than being prompted by superiors can be considered as self discipline. The self-disciplinarian attitude is very much essential to become successful in life. Self discipline empowers your personality. lt equips you with several tools and techniques that help in achieving success. It will project you as a leader who stands different from others. It helps in achieving your goals in life much faster.

NOTE: The information given is the best of our knowledge collected from various sources for the benefit of the students, if any correction needed or removal of the information completely please write email.

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