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Ishwar Singh Dev Samaj Senior Secondary School

Sector-21C, - 160022, Chandigarh (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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PHONE No.: 0172-2706601,

WEB SITE: www.isdevsamaj21.com


CLASSES: High School

LANGUAGES: Hindi, English




           Shriman Ishwar Singh Ji led a very pious and inspirational life that was marked by dedication and studded with high moral values. He was born in 1883 in a rich family in Poohla village of Bathinda district. His father S. Hamam Singh was a big landlord of Bahia area having close relations with royal families of Patiala, Nabha and Faridkot.

After early education in the village, Shriman Ishwar Singh Ji went to Lahore for higher education and graduated from the famous F.C. College in 1908. He was endowed with special qualities and was impressed by the life and teachings of Bhagwan Dev Atma the founder of Dev Samaj. Rather than pursuing a materialistic carrier he chose to follow the noble religious path and dedicated his life for Dev Samaj Mission in 1907. He denounced the worldly pleasures very early and donated his entire landed property measuring about 300 acres to Dev Samaj. As a mark of respect and reverence to him Dev Samaj Girls Sr. Sec. School Sector -21 C, Chandigarh was named after him in 1976.

As a life worker of Dev Samaj, Shriman Ishwar Singh Ji imbibed the teachings of his master in his life and became a torchbearer in all the initiatives taken by Dev Samaj. He dedicated his life to education and served Dev Samaj Girls High School Moga as Principal for 25 years. He acted as Principal of ?Dev Samaj Higher Life Academy? for 26 years. He acted as Secretary, Dev Samaj for 18 years and breathed his last on 30 Aug. 1967. During his long association of 60 years with Dev Samaj, Shriman Ishwar Singh Ji was instrumental in guiding numerous persons towards higher way of life. He led a pious, selfless, moralistic and spiritual life. People like him who have served the humanity in such quiet and humble manner need to be revered and remembered for what they did and the legacies that they have left behind for us. Their lives encourage many others to emulate them.

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