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Bharti Vidyapeeth Public Sr Sec School, Baijnath

District Kangra, - 176125, Baijnath (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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PHONE No.: 01894 262888, 9418064820

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEB SITE: www.bhartividyapeeth.in


CLASSES: Senior Secondary




harti Vidyapeeth Public Sr. Sec. School is a co-educational, English-medium school with a rich history of quality initiatives in Education. Our core objectives expound the all-round development of children, so that the values of human dignity and equality are enshrined in their hearts to create a true democratic and secular society. The school has now instituted a Child Protection Policy to ensure the safety of all students.

Bharti Vidyapeeth Public Sr. Sec. School Baijnath was established with certain aims and objectives. The main aim of the Bharti Vidyapeeth Public Sr. Sec. School is to provide value based education. After completing schooling from Bharti Vidyapeeth Public School a student must possess all essential qualities necessary for one to be the perfect human being. We are striving hard and will continue to do hard work to ensure all round development of students in true sense. A person who is unfit he/she can not enjoy the fruits of education as well as beauty of nature. It is therefore very important for us to ensure participation of all the students in Sports, games , exercises and Yoga to ensure sound physical and mental fitness along with education. The ultimate aim of education is ? man making? and to generate the confidence among students for better tomorrow. Since the inception of school we have been able to provide consistence and excellent results in education, sports cultural activities and various other fields. All this has been possible due to hard work, dedication of entire faculty and staff.

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