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BK Bajoria School, Shillong

Boyce Road, - 793001, Shillong (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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Late Shri Kamakhyalal Bajoria was a prominent businessman and a well-known philanthropist of Shillong.

Son of Late Bhajanlal Bajoria migrated to Shillong in the year 1882 from Bombay looking for new business opportunities.

Right from his youthful days Shri K.L. Bajoria had on inherent interest in social causes. Upholding of cultural values constituted on integral part of his personality. During his lifetime he always advocated the fact that ?Education is fundamental to the shaping and development of culture and social values in children and youth.

Going ahead with his principle of spreading education, he established B.K. Bajoria School in 1975, his most significant contribution to the field of education.

Since the establishment of R.B. Anupchand Hindi High School, Shillong in 1926 he served it in various capacities and was its president for 20years. He was a trustee of the Assam Marwari Shiksha Course. He was the founder member of the Assam Chamber of Commerce andalso its President for several yearsand of various bodies and committees of Assam Government as Chamber nominee. He donated land to found a Higher Secondary School.

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