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Academic Heights Public School, Satna

Chandi Dai Road, Vill. Karhi Pawai, Panchayat-Karhi Kothar, - 485001, Satna (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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PHONE No.: 9131926710, 9522270343,

WEB SITE: www.satna.academicheights.in

CLASSES: Sr Secondary





A school is no longer an institution where a child goes in the morning to study and then returns home in the noon after a tedious day, it has become more than that. Now a school is an institution where a child learns to grow. While studying, a child learns to explore the world. He/she socializes with classmates and teachers. A school is a place where a child?s imagination is allowed to run free. Started by Mr. Shammi Puri in 2011, the Academic Heights Public School, Satna, functions as an institution where children are given freedom to their imagination and creativity. It?s a school that encourages and supports hard work above all. We, as a school, believe that a person can achieve his/her dream only if he/she is given freedom to do it and stays determined to achieve it. Hard-work, irrespective of the field, is inevitable, and a person cannot escape it. So from the early stage, students at Academic Heights Public School are taught to embrace hard-work and not quit. There will be innumerable resistances on the journey and there will also be a time when one would feel like quitting, if a person traverses through that time, then milestones will be achieved and flags will be waved at great heights. That is what we believe in.

NOTE: The information given is the best of our knowledge collected from various sources for the benefit of the students, if any correction needed or removal of the information completely please write email.

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