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Air Force School, Jamnagar

Airforce Station 1, - 361003, Jamnagar (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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PHONE No.: 0288 2569500,

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEB SITE: www.airforceschooljamnagar.edu.in

CLASSES: Senior Secondary






The creation of Air Force School, Jamnagar marks an important event in the history of Air Force Station, Jamnagar. Our vision describes our ideal. It describes our aspirations and hopes and it directs our collective energy towards a larger purpose. Yet this vision statement shows what our commitments should be, it provides details about the goals that can direct our efforts as we decide in more specific ways how we create an exemplary place of learning.

Culture for Learning

As an exemplary senior secondary school prepares students to be model citizens in their community. Air Force School staff, students, faculties and her members work together to create a culture of high expectation and aspirations.

As a School we Value:

#) Rules and practices that create a healthy safe and supportive learning environment.
#) Opportunities to foster high attainment through close student and teacher relationships.
#) Open and timely communication with students, parents and staff about school programs and decisions.
#) The regular celebration of student of staff accomplishments.


#) Curriculum and the co-curriculum
#) As an exemplary school that prepares students to be productive citizens in their community, Air force school offers rigorous academic course work and opportunities for rich participation in the arts as well as physical and practical life skills.

As a school we value

#) Flexibility in scheduling that accommodates student needs.
#) A range of curricular activities that advance the academic, cultural and social growth of students.
#) A wide range of co-curricular, artistic and athletic activities that support the interest of the students
#) Academic opportunities that help students understand respect and alebrate diversity in our school community and world.
#) Continuous improvement strategies that encourage commitment to positive innovation.
#) Student performance- Air Force School challenges students to discover their talents, expand their abilities and develop their character.
We Value

#) Students coming to school ready to learn.
#) Programs that assist disengaged students and motivate them towards the pursuit of educational goals.
#) Programs that help students develop academic, social and problem solving skills necessary for success after school.
#) Students taking responsibility for their own learning and behavior in the school and in the community.


The student's assessment is done based on term examinations held from time to time. Student shall be assessed during the entire year for the following:
1) Project/Practical Work.
2) Class Work and Home Work.
3) Continious Comprehensive Evaluation System that is CCE pattern is practicing by the school .
4) FA that is Formattive Assessment. SA that is Summative Assessment.
5) Total 4 FA's and 2 SA's round the year we conduct for classes I to IX.
6) I st term examination / Half Yearly examination /Annual examination for the higher classes.
Promotion of a student to the next class is considered as per CBSE guidelines.

NOTE: The information given is the best of our knowledge collected from various sources for the benefit of the students, if any correction needed or removal of the information completely please write email.

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