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Central Public School, Chapra

Vikas Nagar, - 841301, Chapra (Report an error in WHATSAPP at: 9899104337)

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PHONE No.: 9430466367,

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WEB SITE: www.cpschapra.com



But the saga of relentless efforts, untiring dedication and unending passion can only be read when you flip through the pages of the yore. What you will also realize is the fact that every inspiring concept of today had a humble beginning. Central Public School, Chapra is a classical example of such a journey which is never ending. Founder Dr. Harendra Singh & Co-Founder Sri Murari Singh has established CPS, Chapra  in 1994 with a broad yet clear vision to foster, nurture, and strengthen the education system in the nation that ultimately determines and decides the progress level on the global map. 

CPS has carved a landmark in the region with the flexibility, organic approach, and progressive attitude as key tenets. What the CPS Group has always focussed on is the highest quality standards of education. Each school operating under the tutelage of the CPS Group works continuously on providing quality and contemporary education with improvement drive intact. Each school has emerged as a bright star with the intensity of brightness soaring with the passage of time.

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